In order to run the 64-bit ppc kernel you must have a 64-bit PowerPC processor. This table shows the state of the Linux kernel on a range of ppc64 hardware.

Machine Processor Status Notes
IBM pSeries
IntelliStation POWER Model 265 Power3 Might work No test machine available
JS20 Blade 970 Working
pSeries p5 520 Power5 Working
pSeries p5 550 Power5 Working
pSeries p5 570 Power5 Working
pSeries 610 Power3 Working
pSeries 615 Power4 Working
pSeries 620 RS64-IV Working
pSeries 630 Power4 Working
pSeries 640 Power3 Working
pSeries 650 Power4 Working
pSeries 655 Power4 Working
pSeries 660 RS64-IV Working
pSeries 670 Power4 Working
pSeries 680 RS64-III or IV Working
pSeries 690 Power4 Working
IBM iSeries
iSeries 270 Working Processor Feature # 2431, 2432, 2434, 2452 or 2454
iSeries 820 Working Processor Feature # 2397, 2398, 2426, 2427, 0150, 0151, 0152, 2435, 2436, 2437, 2438, 2456, 2457 or 2458
iSeries 830 Working Processor Feature # 2400, 2402 or 2403
iSeries 840 Working Processor Feature # 2461, 2352, 2353, 2354, 2418, 2420, 2416, 2417 or 2419
IBM RS/6000
7017-S70 RS64-II Might work No test machine available
7017-S7A RS64-II Working
7017-S80 RS64-III Might work No test machine available
7025-F80 RS64-III Working
7026-H80 RS64-III Working No test machine available
7026-M80 RS64-III Working No test machine available
7044-170 Power3 Working
7044-260 Power3 Working
7044-270 Power3 Working
9076-SP Nodes Working The Power3 based 9076 SP Nodes in particular work, while the 604e based Nodes do not work as they are 32 bit CPUs. The SP switch is not supported!
Desktop G5 970 Working
Xserve G5 970FX Might work Still needs minor work
Desktop G5 aka PowerMac7,3 970 Needs work in the thermal support
Might Work

We don’t have these machines on hand so we certainly haven’t tested on them. If you have such a machine and feel adventurous perhaps you could try it and report back on

Needs Fixing

We don’t have the hardware on hand so fixes and experience reports would be quite valuable. Again please post to the mailing list.