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PatchDateSubmitterStateActions[linas: PPC64: crash during firmware flash update]2004-10-08Linas VepstasNewDetails  View

create iommu_free_table()2004-10-08John RoseNewDetails  View

HVSI udbg2004-10-08Hollis BlanchardNewDetails  View

Gothic horrors in pci_dn.c2004-10-07Benjamin HerrenschmidtNewDetails  View

Re: [RFC]Way for platforms to alter built-in serial ports2004-10-06Benjamin HerrenschmidtNewDetails  View

xmon sparse cleanups2004-10-05David GibsonNewDetails  View

[TRIVIAL, PPC64] Remove redundant #ifdef CONFIG_ALTIVEC2004-10-05David GibsonNewDetails  View

Squash EEH warnings2004-10-05David GibsonNewDetails  View

[PATCH 1/1] rtas_flash_4gig2004-10-05Jake MoilanenNewDetails  View

=?iso-8859-1?q?Re=A0=3A?= XServe Node running a debian with only one processor2004-10-04graveNewDetails  View

Properly recognize PowerMac7,32004-10-03Andreas SchwabNewDetails  View

PM72 works also on PowerMac7,32004-10-03Andreas SchwabNewDetails  View

Fix booting on some recent G5s2004-10-03Benjamin HerrenschmidtNewDetails  View

Re: Machine check during PCI scan on PMac G52004-10-02Benjamin HerrenschmidtNewDetails  View

[2/2] ppc64 pre/post boot memory macros2004-10-02Joel SchoppNewDetails  View

[1/2] ppc64 pre/post boot memory macros2004-10-02Joel SchoppNewDetails  View

Change bad choice of VSID_MULTIPLIER2004-10-01David GibsonNewDetails  View

[RFC]Way for platforms to alter built-in serial ports2004-09-30Benjamin HerrenschmidtNewDetails  View

Re: Fw: when to mark reserved low memory pages2004-09-30Linda XieNewDetails  View

Re: [PPC64] EEH checks mistakenly became no-ops2004-09-30David GibsonNewDetails  View

EEH checks mistakenly became no-ops2004-09-30David GibsonNewDetails  View

remove __ioremap_explicit() error message2004-09-30John RoseNewDetails  View

PPC64: xmon: improve process-display command2004-09-30Linas VepstasNewDetails  View

Fw: when to mark reserved low memory pages2004-09-30Linda XieNewDetails  View

Re: [Kernel-janitors] LinuxCPD – New mini project2004-09-29Arnd BergmannNewDetails  View

Re: [resend] create pcibios_remove_root_bus()2004-09-29John RoseNewDetails  View

[resend] RPA dynamic addition/removal of PCI Host Bridges2004-09-29John RoseNewDetails  View

[resend] create pcibios_remove_root_bus()2004-09-29John RoseNewDetails  View

G5 and IO accesses2004-09-28Benjamin HerrenschmidtNewDetails  View

Re: when to mark reserved low memory pages2004-09-28Linda XieNewDetails  View

Re: MSR_RI not cleared early enough in entry.S2004-09-28Craig ChaneyNewDetails  View

ppc64: Make the DART “iommu” code more generic2004-09-27Benjamin HerrenschmidtNewDetails  View

PPC64: fix CONFIG check typo2004-09-27Stephen RothwellNewDetails  View

Re: glibc fails in tst-timer4, __SI_TIMER needs its own case2004-09-26Olaf HeringNewDetails  View

Re: 2.6.9-rc2+BK hvc console oops2004-09-25Ryan ArnoldNewDetails  View

PPC64: xmon: add process-display command2004-09-24Linas VepstasNewDetails  View

CONFIG_SPINLINE broken on 2.6.9-rc22004-09-24Sonny RaoNewDetails  View

Re: RFC: PPC64 hugepage rework2004-09-21David GibsonNewDetails  View

Re: [PPC64] [TRIVIAL] Janitor whitespace in pSeries_pci.c2004-09-21Linas VepstasNewDetails  View

ppc64: User tasks must have a valid thread.regs2004-09-20Anton BlanchardNewDetails  View

RFC: PPC64 hugepage rework2004-09-20David GibsonNewDetails  View

add syslog printing to xmon debugger.2004-09-17Linas VepstasNewDetails  View

dynamic addition of PCI Host bridges2004-09-16John RoseNewDetails  View

Re: Resending: PPC64: New version of EEH notifier code2004-09-15David GibsonNewDetails  View

[PATCH 1/1] ppc64: Block config accesses during BIST2004-09-14Linas VepstasNewDetails  View

Fix pseries build in -mm2004-09-13Anton BlanchardNewDetails  View

-mminimal-toc removal 5: Embed r2 in syscall table2004-08-25Anton BlanchardUnder ReviewDetails  View

-mminimal-toc removal 4: Use –emit-stub-syms2004-08-25Anton BlanchardUnder ReviewDetails  View

-mminimal-toc removal 3: Remove it2004-08-24Anton BlanchardUnder ReviewDetails  View

-mminimal-toc removal 2: Add required nops2004-08-24Anton BlanchardUnder ReviewDetails  View

-mminimal-toc removal 1: Cleanups2004-08-24Anton BlanchardUnder ReviewDetails  View

create pcibios_remove_root_bus()2004-08-19John RoseUnder ReviewDetails  View

Re: module.viomap support for ppc642004-08-13Olaf HeringUnder ReviewDetails  View

Re: Remail: 2.6 PPC64: PCI Config Space reads need EEH checking2004-07-23Linas VepstasUnder ReviewDetails  View

Re: PPC64: vio_find_node removal?2004-07-04Dmitry TorokhovUnder ReviewDetails  View

Re: [patch 1/1] Dump text for xmon2004-06-26Jake MoilanenUnder ReviewDetails  View

Remove LARGE_PAGE_SHIFT constant2004-09-17David GibsonAcceptedDetails  View

ppc64: fix CONFIG_CMDLINE2004-09-17Anton BlanchardAcceptedDetails  View

ppc64 Disable some drivers broken on 64bit2004-09-17Anton BlanchardAcceptedDetails  View

ppc64 Fix hotplug CPU when building a pseries+pmac kernel2004-09-17Anton BlanchardAcceptedDetails  View

ppc64 dont use state == SYSTEM_BOOTING2004-09-17Anton BlanchardAcceptedDetails  View

ppc64 Export probe_irq_mask2004-09-17Anton BlanchardAcceptedDetails  View

ppc64: Remove A() and AA()2004-09-15Anton BlanchardAcceptedDetails  View

replace mmu_context_queue with idr allocator2004-09-13Anton BlanchardAcceptedDetails  View

iseries build fixes2004-09-13Anton BlanchardAcceptedDetails  View

Clean up asm/mmu.h2004-09-13Anton BlanchardAcceptedDetails  View

powersave_nap sysctl2004-09-13Anton BlanchardAcceptedDetails  View

force_sigsegv fixes2004-09-13Anton BlanchardAcceptedDetails  View

Improved VSID allocation algorithm2004-09-13David GibsonAcceptedDetails  View

Clean up idle loop code2004-09-13Anton BlanchardAcceptedDetails  View

Enable POWER5 low power mode in idle loop2004-09-13Anton BlanchardAcceptedDetails  View

Restore smt-enabled=off kernel command line option2004-09-13Anton BlanchardAcceptedDetails  View

Remove EEH command line device matching code2004-09-13Anton BlanchardAcceptedDetails  View

Use early_param2004-09-13Anton BlanchardAcceptedDetails  View

Remove unused ppc64_calibrate_delay2004-09-13Anton BlanchardAcceptedDetails  View

Use nm –synthetic where available2004-09-13Anton BlanchardAcceptedDetails  View

Clean up kernel command line code2004-09-13Anton BlanchardAcceptedDetails  View

Give the kernel an OPD section2004-09-13Anton BlanchardAcceptedDetails  View

Enable NUMA API on ppc642004-09-13Anton BlanchardAcceptedDetails  View

RTAS error logs can appear twice in dmesg2004-09-13Anton BlanchardAcceptedDetails  View

remove SPINLINE config option2004-09-13Anton BlanchardAcceptedDetails  View

[patch 1/3] rework ppc64 cpu map setup2004-08-27Nathan LynchAcceptedDetails  View

patch [2/3] set platform cpuids later in boot2004-08-27Nathan LynchAcceptedDetails  View

[patch 3/3] allocate irqstacks only for possible cpus2004-08-27Nathan LynchAcceptedDetails  View

Clean up unused macro2004-08-25David GibsonAcceptedDetails  View

interrupt driven hvc_console as vio device2004-08-25Ryan ArnoldAcceptedDetails  View

Re: updates to surveillance for power52004-08-24Nathan FontenotAcceptedDetails  View

Re: [correction] promote hose_list to an “official” list2004-08-24John RoseAcceptedDetails  View

Re: PPC64 iSeries virtual DVD-RAM2004-08-21Stephen RothwellAcceptedDetails  View

2.6 ppc64 RTAS: use dynamic buffer size2004-08-20Linas VepstasAcceptedDetails  View

Aggregate little endian bit ops and make ext2_{set,clear}_bit_atomic lockless2004-08-19Olof JohanssonAcceptedDetails  View

HVSI driver2004-08-19Hollis BlanchardAcceptedDetails  View

SLB bolting for iSeries2004-08-18David GibsonAcceptedDetails  View

2.6 PPC64 memcpy_toio function signature2004-08-18Linas VepstasAcceptedDetails  View

[TRIVIAL] ppc64: switch screen_info init to C992004-08-18Olof JohanssonAcceptedDetails  View

tweak schedule_timeout in __cpu_die2004-08-18Nathan LynchAcceptedDetails  View

C99 initializers in INIT_THREAD2004-08-17David GibsonAcceptedDetails  View

Real mode SLB miss2004-08-17David GibsonAcceptedDetails  View

RTAS spam reduction2004-08-17Nathan FontenotAcceptedDetails  View

Re: [ppc64] allow oprofile module to be safely unloaded2004-08-17Anton BlanchardAcceptedDetails  View

disable oprofile debug messages2004-08-17Anton BlanchardAcceptedDetails  View

add missing EXPORT_SYMBOLS for oprofile2004-08-17Anton BlanchardAcceptedDetails  View

Fix oprofile error messages2004-08-17Anton BlanchardAcceptedDetails  View

POWER4 oprofile update2004-08-17Anton BlanchardAcceptedDetails  View

Re: rtas_call uses kmalloc before the memory subsystem is up2004-08-16Paul MackerrasAcceptedDetails  View

Re: suppress ‘store_purr’ unused warning2004-08-05Anton BlanchardAcceptedDetails  View

Re: suppress ‘store_purr’ unused warning2004-08-05Dave HansenAcceptedDetails  View

[trivial] clear iSeries refcode field2004-08-05John EngelAcceptedDetails  View

Re: 32-bit ptrace geteventmsg fix2004-08-05Anton BlanchardAcceptedDetails  View

[patch 2/2] move SPINLINE out of global menu2004-08-03Dave HansenAcceptedDetails  View

[patch 1/2] Suppress unused var warning in get_irq_server()2004-08-03Dave HansenAcceptedDetails  View

[5/5] STAB cleanup – replace flush_stab() with switch_stab()2004-08-03David GibsonAcceptedDetails  View

[4/5] STAB cleanup – remove check duplication2004-08-03David GibsonAcceptedDetails  View

[3/5] STAB cleanup – assorted cleanups2004-08-03David GibsonAcceptedDetails  View

[2/5] STAB cleanup – kill bitfields2004-08-03David GibsonAcceptedDetails  View

[1/5] STAB cleanup – move to arch/ppc64/mm2004-08-03David GibsonAcceptedDetails  View

[TRIVIAL, PPC64] Remove #include processor.h from div64.S2004-08-02David GibsonAcceptedDetails  View

fix hotplug irq migration code2004-08-01Anton BlanchardAcceptedDetails  View

[RFC]ppc64: better handling of H_ENTER failures2004-07-30Benjamin HerrenschmidtAcceptedDetails  View

Re: PPC64 Fix RAS irq handlers2004-07-30David GibsonAcceptedDetails  View

Re: [trivial] struct pci_controller cleanup2004-07-29Anton BlanchardAcceptedDetails  View

Re: ppc64 SMT bugfix2004-07-29Anton BlanchardAcceptedDetails  View

PPC64 pci_dn cleanups2004-07-28Stephen RothwellAcceptedDetails  View

[trivial] struct pci_controller cleanup2004-07-28John RoseAcceptedDetails  View

ppc64 SMT bugfix2004-07-28Joel SchoppAcceptedDetails  View

ISA OFDT node refcount fix2004-07-27John RoseAcceptedDetails  View

Re: 2.6 ppc64 RTAS: use dynamic buffer size2004-07-24Paul MackerrasAcceptedDetails  View

Re: imalloc supersets2004-07-23John RoseAcceptedDetails  View

set tbl->it_type to TCE_PCI in iommu code2004-07-22Ananth N MavinakayanahalliAcceptedDetails  View

Resending … 2.6 ppc64 Janitor prom.c memleak; whitespace2004-07-22Linas VepstasAcceptedDetails  View

Resend: Resend: [2.6] PPC64: log firmware errors during boot.2004-07-22Linas VepstasAcceptedDetails  View

Re: page align emergency stack2004-07-19David GibsonAcceptedDetails  View

Re: oops bringing up secondary cpus2004-07-17Benjamin HerrenschmidtAcceptedDetails  View

remove multiple IRQ optimisation2004-07-16Anton BlanchardAcceptedDetails  View

iseries profiling support2004-07-16Anton BlanchardAcceptedDetails  View

trivial __make_room() warning fix2004-07-15Dave HansenAcceptedDetails  View

[4/4] RFC: SLB Rewrite (new VSID algorithm)2004-07-07David GibsonAcceptedDetails  View

[3/4] RFC: SLB Rewrite (optimize SLB entry/exit path)2004-07-07David GibsonAcceptedDetails  View

[2/4] RFC: SLB Rewrite (unify do_slb_bolted and slb_allocate)2004-07-07David GibsonAcceptedDetails  View

[1/4] RFC: SLB rewrite (core rewrite)2004-07-07David GibsonAcceptedDetails  View

lparcfg seq_file updates (pass 3)2004-07-07will schmidtAcceptedDetails  View

[PATH] rpaphp_add_slot.patch2004-07-03Linda XieAcceptedDetails  View

Re: fix ras irq handlers2004-07-03Nathan FontenotAcceptedDetails  View

PPC64: Set ppc_md.log_error2004-07-02Paul MackerrasAcceptedDetails  View

fix off-by-one in mem_init()2004-07-01Dave HansenAcceptedDetails  View

PPC64: Janitor log_rtas_error() call arguments2004-06-30Paul MackerrasAcceptedDetails  View

ppc64: Janitor rtas_call() return variables2004-06-30Paul MackerrasAcceptedDetails  View

1/2 – Remove RTAS arguments from PACA2004-06-30David GibsonAcceptedDetails  View

Re: rpaphp broken in ameslab2004-06-30Linda XieAcceptedDetails  View

5/5 PPC64 – viotape integration2004-06-29Stephen RothwellAcceptedDetails  View

4/5 PPC64 – viocd integration2004-06-29Stephen RothwellAcceptedDetails  View

3/5 PPC64 – viodasd integration2004-06-29Stephen RothwellAcceptedDetails  View

2/5 PPC64 – iseries_veth integration2004-06-29Stephen RothwellAcceptedDetails  View

1/5 PPC64 – vio infrastructure modifications2004-06-29Stephen RothwellAcceptedDetails  View

PPC64 iSeries fails to boot2004-06-27Stephen RothwellAcceptedDetails  View

Fix usage of cpumask_t on iSeries2004-06-26David HowellsAcceptedDetails  View

missing semicolon in 2.6.7 VIODASD driver2004-06-25David HowellsAcceptedDetails  View

avoid multiline /proc/cmdline content on iSeries2004-06-14Olaf HeringAcceptedDetails  View

Re: Fix ppc64 out_be642004-06-14Benjamin HerrenschmidtAcceptedDetails  View

Re: [lhcs-devel] Re: [RFC] don’t create cpu/online sysfs file2004-06-10Ashok RajAcceptedDetails  View

Re: [Pcihpd-discuss] Re: rpaphp.patch — multi-function devices not handled correctly2004-06-09Linda XieAcceptedDetails  View

PPC64 iSeries vio_dev cleanups2004-06-09Stephen RothwellAcceptedDetails  View

Re: PREEMPT for ppc642004-06-08Paul MackerrasAcceptedDetails  View

remove struct vio_dev’s driver_data2004-06-08Stephen RothwellAcceptedDetails  View

remove struct vio_dev’s archdata2004-06-08Stephen RothwellAcceptedDetails  View

Re: [lhcs-devel] Re: [RFC] don’t create cpu/online sysfs file2004-06-08Dave HansenAcceptedDetails  View

Yet another hugepage bug2004-06-02David GibsonAcceptedDetails  View

update info about available iseries_veth interfaces2004-06-02Olaf HeringAcceptedDetails  View

kernel Makefile options for $(AS)2004-06-02Olaf HeringAcceptedDetails  View

PPC64 iSeries fix virtual ethernet transmit block2004-05-31Stephen RothwellAcceptedDetails  View

PPC64 iSeries virtual ethernet minor optimisation2004-05-31Stephen RothwellAcceptedDetails  View

PPC64 iSeries default config update2004-05-31Stephen RothwellAcceptedDetails  View

Add watchdog timer to iseries_veth driver2004-05-31David GibsonAcceptedDetails  View

Remove silly debug path from get_vsid()2004-05-28David GibsonAcceptedDetails  View

missing map for DM_REMOVE_ALL2004-05-25Marcus MeissnerAcceptedDetails  View

Re: ppc64 kernel hackers can’t spell2004-05-25Anton BlanchardAcceptedDetails  View

ppc64 kernel hackers can’t spell2004-05-25Dave HansenAcceptedDetails  View

Re: dynamic addition of virtual disks on PPC64 iSeries2004-05-24Stephen RothwellAcceptedDetails  View

console autodetection for pmac2004-05-21Olaf HeringAcceptedDetails  View

Trivial ppc64 cleanup2004-05-20David GibsonAcceptedDetails  View

asm-ppc64/ptrace.h / fscpr2004-05-20Marcus MeissnerAcceptedDetails  View

Re: do_page_fault() mm->mmap_sem deadlocks2004-05-20Andy WhitcroftAcceptedDetails  View

Re: PPC64 iSeries virtual ethernet transmit errors2004-05-19Olaf HeringAcceptedDetails  View

PPC64 iSeries virtual ethernet transmit errors2004-05-19Stephen RothwellAcceptedDetails  View

ppc64: fix non-SMP build break2004-05-18Olof JohanssonAcceptedDetails  View

Re: Linux on G5 Xserve?2004-05-15Benjamin HerrenschmidtAcceptedDetails  View

PowerPC Virtual Ethernet links to /sys/class/net/ethX2004-05-15Santiago LeonAcceptedDetails  View

PowerPC Virtual Ethernet duplicate MAC addresses2004-05-15Santiago LeonAcceptedDetails  View

PPC64 iSeries: allow read only virtual disks2004-05-14Stephen RothwellAcceptedDetails  View

Re: Linux on G5 Xserve?2004-05-14Greg JohnsonAcceptedDetails  View

Re: hvcs – comment, printk, and functionality cleanup2004-05-11Ryan ArnoldAcceptedDetails  View

Minor hugepage bugfix2004-05-07David GibsonAcceptedDetails  View

PPC64 iSeries: replace semaphores with completions2004-05-06Stephen RothwellAcceptedDetails  View

Re: [PATCH – revised] rpaphp doesn’t initialize slot’s name2004-05-05Linda XieAcceptedDetails  View

Use slbie, not slbia in hugepage code2004-05-04David GibsonAcceptedDetails  View

2.6 rtas_flash_init() typo2004-05-04John RoseAcceptedDetails  View

Re: “sparse” warnings..2004-05-03Anton BlanchardAcceptedDetails  View

Make ppc64 use generic ipc syscall translation2004-05-03David GibsonAcceptedDetails  View

Re: — set eeh option (enabled ) prior to any i/o to newly added IOA2004-04-30Linda XieAcceptedDetails  View

Compile kdb modules without error2004-04-29Ananth N MavinakayanahalliAcceptedDetails  View

POWER5 erratum workaround2004-04-29David GibsonAcceptedDetails  View

Fix overeager stack-expansion on ppc642004-04-29David GibsonAcceptedDetails  View

mf_proc.c2004-04-28Dave BoitcjerAcceptedDetails  View

ppc64: Set memory-only nodes online2004-04-28Olof JohanssonAcceptedDetails  View

restore /proc/ppc64/rtas/error_log2004-04-27Nathan LynchAcceptedDetails  View

remove naca->slb_size2004-04-26Anton BlanchardAcceptedDetails  View

ppc64: remove duplicated mb() and comment from __cpu_up2004-04-26Nathan LynchAcceptedDetails  View

Re: [Fwd: Make room fails without CONFIG_BLK_DEV_INITRD]2004-04-25Rusty RussellAcceptedDetails  View

PPC64 iSeries add soem proc entries2004-04-22Stephen RothwellAcceptedDetails  View

PPC64 iSeries virtual cdrom module fix2004-04-22Stephen RothwellAcceptedDetails  View

[PATH] symlink doesn’t support kobj name > 20 charaters (KOBJ_NAME_LEN)2004-04-22Linda XieAcceptedDetails  View

2.6.9-rc2+BK hvc console oops2004-09-18Anton BlanchardRejectedDetails  View

Re: linux-2.6.9-rc* ppc64 broken on UNI?2004-09-15Ananth N MavinakayanahalliRejectedDetails  View

[Fwd: [RFC]flush_hash_page]2004-09-14Joel SchoppRejectedDetails  View

Re: log machine check errors2004-08-27Linas VepstasRejectedDetails  View

Re: glibc fails in tst-timer4, __SI_TIMER needs its own case2004-08-18Benjamin HerrenschmidtRejectedDetails  View

[KDB] Use proper wrappers for udbg calls in KDB2004-08-18Olof JohanssonRejectedDetails  View

[KDB] Fix build break in kdbasupport2004-08-18Olof JohanssonRejectedDetails  View

Re: [patch 4/4] Remove unnecessary cpu maps (available, present_at_boot)2004-08-01Anton BlanchardRejectedDetails  View

remove linux,pci-domain from OFDT2004-07-27John RoseRejectedDetails  View

UP load_up_fpu crash (2.6.8-rc2)2004-07-24Nathan LynchRejectedDetails  View

RFC: Fix (another) bug in rtas logging2004-07-16David GibsonRejectedDetails  View

page align emergency stack2004-07-16Anton BlanchardRejectedDetails  View

[RFC/PATCH] Re: How to block pci config-reads during device self-test?2004-07-14Linas VepstasRejectedDetails  View

Re: RFC: Dynamic segment table allocation2004-07-02David GibsonRejectedDetails  View

lparcfg seq_file updates (pass2)2004-07-02will schmidtRejectedDetails  View

PPC64: vio_find_node removal?2004-07-02Dmitry TorokhovRejectedDetails  View

RFC: Dynamic segment table allocation2004-06-30David GibsonRejectedDetails  View

rpaphp broken in ameslab2004-06-30Joel SchoppRejectedDetails  View

PPC64 iSeries viodasd proc file2004-06-18Stephen RothwellRejectedDetails  View

PPC64 iSeries virtual DVD-RAM2004-06-08Stephen RothwellRejectedDetails  View

PPC64 iSeries virtual ethernet proc files2004-06-07Stephen RothwellRejectedDetails  View

KDB for ppc64 – write to OF stdout instead of console2004-05-19Ananth N MavinakayanahalliRejectedDetails  View

Re: More convenient way to grab hugepage memory2004-05-13William Lee Irwin IIIRejectedDetails  View

Re: PATCH: sched_{s,g}etaffinity compat2004-05-10Anton BlanchardRejectedDetails  View

Re: modversions on ppc64 will taint kernel2004-05-10Rusty RussellRejectedDetails  View

PATCH: sched_{s,g}etaffinity compat2004-05-09Marcus MeissnerRejectedDetails  View

PPC64 Allow PPC64 to build without EEH2004-05-04Stephen RothwellRejectedDetails  View

Allow PPC64 to build without virtual IO2004-05-04Stephen RothwellRejectedDetails  View

Fix to update the OP panel on enterting/exiting kdb.2004-04-24Nitin VashisthRejectedDetails  View

Re: Clean up asm/pgalloc.h include (ppc64)2004-04-19Russell KingRejectedDetails  View

vDSO : Second shot & ready for glibc help2004-08-30Benjamin HerrenschmidtDebug onlyDetails  View

watch IOMMU virtual merging2004-08-03Anton BlanchardDebug onlyDetails  View

page_is_ram patch – version22004-09-01Haren MyneniAwaiting upstreamDetails  View

Re: SLB bolting for iSeries2004-08-19David GibsonAwaiting upstreamDetails  View

2.6 PPC64: Another log buffer length patch.2004-08-26Linas VepstasChanges RequestedDetails  View

Re: [KDB] Use proper wrappers for udbg calls in KDB2004-08-21Olof JohanssonChanges RequestedDetails  View

log machine check errors2004-08-14Jake MoilanenChanges RequestedDetails  View

Re: fix KDB backtrace for ppc642004-05-11Ananth N MavinakayanahalliChanges RequestedDetails  View

Re: fix KDB backtrace for ppc64 (reworked)2004-05-06Ananth N MavinakayanahalliChanges RequestedDetails  View

Resending: PPC64: New version of EEH notifier code2004-09-14Linas VepstasSupersededDetails  View

page_is_ram patch – version 12004-08-31Haren MyneniSupersededDetails  View

vDSO preliminary implementation2004-08-26Benjamin HerrenschmidtSupersededDetails  View

Re: cpumask move patch revised – RFC2004-08-20R SharadaSupersededDetails  View

New version of EEH notifier code2004-08-18Paul MackerrasSupersededDetails  View

Re: PATCH: sched_{s,g}etaffinity compat2004-08-16Olaf HeringSupersededDetails  View

module.viomap support for ppc642004-08-13Olaf HeringSupersededDetails  View

Re: cpumask move patch revised – RFC2004-08-12R SharadaSupersededDetails  View

[correction] promote hose_list to an “official” list2004-08-12John RoseSupersededDetails  View

promote hose_list to an “official” list2004-08-12John RoseSupersededDetails  View

32-bit ptrace geteventmsg fix2004-08-05John EngelSupersededDetails  View

cpumask move patch – RFC2004-08-03R SharadaSupersededDetails  View

suppress ‘store_purr’ unused warning2004-08-03Dave HansenSupersededDetails  View

cpu hotplug ppc64 bug2004-07-27Joel SchoppSupersededDetails  View

Fix migrate_irqs_away2004-07-25Anton BlanchardSupersededDetails  View

updates to surveillance for power52004-07-23Nathan FontenotSupersededDetails  View

Another: [PATCH} 2.6 ppc64 rtas crash in kmalloc2004-07-22Linas VepstasSupersededDetails  View

Resend: 2.6 ppc64 — Yet another unbalanced pci_dev_get()/put()2004-07-22Linas VepstasSupersededDetails  View

Resending 2.6 ppc64 RTAS: use dynamic buffer size2004-07-22Linas VepstasSupersededDetails  View

imalloc supersets2004-07-20John RoseSupersededDetails  View

2.6 ppc64 Test for EEH error in PCI Config-Read path2004-07-20Linas VepstasSupersededDetails  View

2.6 PPC64: Reduce rtas spamming2004-07-20Nathan FontenotSupersededDetails  View

[PPC64, TRIVIAL] Rename confusing locks in ras.c, rtasd.c2004-07-16David GibsonSupersededDetails  View

Re: fix ras irq handlers2004-07-02Paul MackerrasSupersededDetails  View

Re: Abolish per-CPU RTAS args2004-06-28David GibsonSupersededDetails  View

Re: Abolish per-CPU RTAS args2004-06-24Joel SchoppSupersededDetails  View

Abolish per-CPU RTAS args2004-06-21David GibsonSupersededDetails  View

Re: Probing of iSeries devices with the 2.6 kernel, redux (bz122560)2004-06-20Stephen RothwellSupersededDetails  View

Re: PCI PHB unit id detection interface change2004-06-17Olaf HeringSupersededDetails  View

Re: Fix ppc64 out_be642004-06-14Benjamin HerrenschmidtSupersededDetails  View

Fix ppc64 out_be642004-06-13Roland DreierSupersededDetails  View

Re: rpaphp.patch — multi-function devices not handled correctly2004-06-08Linda XieSupersededDetails  View

shared processor hcalls use wrong cpu id?2004-06-08Nathan LynchSupersededDetails  View

Re: [lhcs-devel] Re: [RFC] don’t create cpu/online sysfs file2004-06-08Ashok RajSupersededDetails  View

Re: [lhcs-devel] Re: [RFC] don’t create cpu/online sysfs file2004-06-08Ashok RajSupersededDetails  View

PREEMPT for ppc642004-06-07Paul MackerrasSupersededDetails  View

Re: [lhcs-devel] Re: [RFC] don’t create cpu/online sysfs file2004-06-07Dave HansenSupersededDetails  View

Re: [lhcs-devel] Re: [RFC] don’t create cpu/online sysfs file2004-06-07Ashok RajSupersededDetails  View

Re: [RFC] don’t create cpu/online sysfs file2004-06-05Dave HansenSupersededDetails  View

[RFC] don’t create cpu/online sysfs file2004-06-05Dave HansenSupersededDetails  View

increase the upper limit of sg_io64.dxfer_len to make “sg_logs -p=0x0f /dev/sgN” happy2004-06-04Woody ZhouSupersededDetails  View

kernel Makefile options for $(AS)2004-05-27Olaf HeringSupersededDetails  View

dynamic addition of virtual disks on PPC64 iSeries2004-05-24Stephen RothwellSupersededDetails  View

Re: rpaphp.patch — multi-function devices not handled correctly2004-05-22Linda XieSupersededDetails  View

probe.patch — export pci_scan_child_bus2004-05-22Linda XieSupersededDetails  View

Re: Linux on G5 Xserve?2004-05-20Olaf HeringSupersededDetails  View

rpaphp.patch — multi-function devices not handled correctly2004-05-20Linda XieSupersededDetails  View

Re: Linux on G5 Xserve?2004-05-20Greg JohnsonSupersededDetails  View

Re: readq/writeq bust?2004-05-19Benjamin HerrenschmidtSupersededDetails  View

Re: readq/writeq bust?2004-05-19Benjamin HerrenschmidtSupersededDetails  View

do_page_fault() mm->mmap_sem deadlocks2004-05-18Andy WhitcroftSupersededDetails  View

readq/writeq bust?2004-05-18Anton BlanchardSupersededDetails  View

Re: Linux on G5 Xserve?2004-05-15Greg JohnsonSupersededDetails  View

Re: More convenient way to grab hugepage memory2004-05-13William Lee Irwin IIISupersededDetails  View

Re: More convenient way to grab hugepage memory2004-05-13William Lee Irwin IIISupersededDetails  View

Re: More convenient way to grab hugepage memory2004-05-13David GibsonSupersededDetails  View

More convenient way to grab hugepage memory2004-05-13David GibsonSupersededDetails  View

hvcs – comment, printk, and functionality cleanup2004-05-08Ryan ArnoldSupersededDetails  View

Re: hvcs build warning fixes2004-05-07Ryan ArnoldSupersededDetails  View

fix ras irq handlers2004-05-07Nathan FontenotSupersededDetails  View

fix KDB backtrace for ppc642004-05-06Ananth N MavinakayanahalliSupersededDetails  View

hvcs build warning fixes2004-05-05Ryan ArnoldSupersededDetails  View

Re: [Pcihpd-discuss] [PATH] rpaphp doesn’t initialize slot’s name2004-05-05Linda XieSupersededDetails  View

Re: rpaphp doesn’t initialize slot’s name2004-05-05Rolf Eike BeerSupersededDetails  View

Re: [Pcihpd-discuss]rpaphp doesn’t initialize slot’s name2004-05-05Rolf Eike BeerSupersededDetails  View

vio cleanups2004-05-04Stephen RothwellSupersededDetails  View

[TRIVIAL] ppc64 shmget() translation bugfix2004-04-30David GibsonSupersededDetails  View

[PATH] rpaphp doesn’t initialize slot’s name2004-04-29Linda XieSupersededDetails  View

Re: put_page() tries to handle hugepages but fails2004-04-27David GibsonSupersededDetails  View

Re: put_page() tries to handle hugepages but fails2004-04-27David GibsonSupersededDetails  View

Re: put_page() tries to handle hugepages but fails2004-04-27David GibsonSupersededDetails  View

Make room fails without CONFIG_BLK_DEV_INITRD2004-04-25Dave BoutcherSupersededDetails  View

[PATCCH] add converion of H_LongBusyOrder* to -EBUSY in arch/ppc64/kernel/hvconsole.c2004-04-24Ryan Scott ArnoldSupersededDetails  View

Re: put_page() tries to handle hugepages but fails2004-04-23William Lee Irwin IIISupersededDetails  View

Re: put_page() tries to handle hugepages but fails2004-04-23William Lee Irwin IIISupersededDetails  View

put_page() tries to handle hugepages but fails2004-04-23David GibsonSupersededDetails  View

— set eeh option (enabled ) prior to any i/o to newly added IOA2004-04-22Linda XieSupersededDetails  View

PPC64 iSeries virtual ethernet fix2004-04-21Stephen RothwellSupersededDetails  View

Re: hvcs.diff fixes build warnings2004-04-20Olaf HeringSupersededDetails  View