PPC64 toolchain construction

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Option 1:

Use crosstool. This can produce separate ppc32 and ppc64 toolchains. If you install the 64-bit toolchain, you can build 64-bit vmlinux kernels. Note: if you want to build zImage kernels, you must also install the 32-bit toolchain. Having to install separate 32- and 64-bit toolchains is the primary motivation for using a bi-arch toolchain instead (see below).

If you are building userspace binaries, crosstool can produce normal dynamically-linked executables (it builds a cross-glibc as well).

tar -xzvf crosstool-0.28-rc35.tar.gz
cd crosstool-0.28-rc35
lynx doc/crosstool-howto.html
sudo mkdir /opt/crosstool
sudo chown $USER /opt/crosstool
Option 2: biarch

A “biarch” compiler means a single compiler that can use either 32- or 64-bit glibc by passing either -m32 or -m64 on the commandline. To build a biarch ppc/ppc64 compiler, use these scripts. Read the README and the FAQ, edit, and build. These scripts are under continuing development, feedback is always welcome.


Alan Modra has a number of patches for ppc64 gcc builds. They can be browsed at